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Who We Are

The FUSE Foundation was established in 2008 to provide opportunities for social networking, recreation and education for young adults with neuromuscular disease. Founders include Kansas families of many young adults affected by neuromuscular disease, healthcare professionals, and volunteers with experience in providing activities for the physically disabled.

What We Do

We host several events throughout the year for young adults with neuromuscular disease from all across Kansas. Our events provide opportunities to get away and enjoy time with their peers, learn more about managing their disease, interact with others, and participate in group activities they might not otherwise have access to – sporting events, theater productions, shopping, restaurants, etc.  The highlight event is the 4-day FUSE Retreat held at an area camp each summer.

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Fuse Foundation 2013 Group

July 31 - August 3, 2014: 2014 RETREAT!

For our 6th annual Retreat we’ll again be at beautiful Camp Tawakoni near Augusta, Kansas. We’ll begin Thursday afternoon and end just before lunch on Sunday. All of the important events from years’ past will be repeated, plus several NEW and exciting changes! Questions? Contact any Board Member

Recent Events

March 29, 2014 - Mosley Street Melodrama: "Wild Rebel Angels on Wheels".

There's just nothing like a melodrama for encouraging "audience participation". When you combine that with an awesome barbeque meal, you can't go wrong!


March 2, 2013 - More Fun with the Wichita Thunder, and a special presentation!.

A great group gathered at the Intrust Arena for a Thunder game, but first everyone was treated to a fun supper and a great presentation from Nick Taylor. The highlight was getting to see (and touch) Nick's OLYMPIC MEDALS!!!


March 17, 2012 - Wichita Thunder game and Dinner.

A small, but enthusiastic, group enjoyed a fun meal at the Buffalo Wild Wings before trekking to the Intrust Arena for a Thunder game. A definite highlight was Chad’s (failed) attempt to conquer the “Blazing Wings” challenge at BWWs. He WAS successful in guilting Gabe into joining him, though, and Gabe was victorious..


June 22, 2012 - Dave and Buster's in Kansas City

45 people participated in a fun-filled evening of games, food and FUSE friends. This was the first FUSE event in the KC area and it was well attended from FUSEer's both new and old. We introduced FUSE’s mission and spent time getting to know those who were new to the organization. Great food and drink PLUS good conversation PLUS an awesome arcade EQUALS one great FUSE evening!


June 18, 2011 - All About Stem Cells and Muscular Dystrophy

Personal updates were shared by Byrum Bittel, Ryan Benton and Ian Conner, each of whom has first-hand experience. Much information was shared, and many questions answered about this newly developing treatment. Attendees also enjoyed a terrific barbecue dinner from Famous Dave’s.

FUSE Newsletters

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Fuse Flash Issue 4

Issue 04: June 2011

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Board Members

Terri Reed

Terri Reed


The idea for what became known as FUSE originated with Terri and her husband, Ronnie. As they watched their son, Blake, who had Duchenne MD, grow up going to the MDA summer camp, they couldn’t help but wonder about what would happen once he was too old to go to MDA summer camp. How would the relationships that had been built over the years continue into the future? Blake’s last year of MDA camp came sooner than expected, as the MDA changed their age limit from 21 to 18. Through the partnership with others on the board, FUSE was born that fall. Terri has committed countless hours to the efforts of FUSE and sincerely has a passion for supporting young adults and families who are working through the realities of life with a neuromuscular disease.

Contact Terri:

Chad Yeager

Chad Yeager

Vice President

Chad was a close friend to Blake and the Reed family in high school, and began attending the MDA summer camp in 2001. After one year, he was hooked. When the opportunity to attend camp was no longer available for Blake, Chad joined with other founding Board members to start FUSE, and has been a key leader since the very beginning. Chad’s enthusiasm is a critical component of our FUSE success, and he’s learned some serious recruiting skills from Blake and Terri Reed – constantly bringing new volunteers to FUSE.

Contact Chad:

Robert Neidhart

Robert Neidhart


Robert has been a part of the FUSE Foundation from the beginning. He is an Accountant by trade and has been an invaluable asset to our team. He handles all of our financials and is committed to facilitating our mission to serve these young adults. A man of many talents, Robert’s scouting background has also contributed to the success of the annual FUSE Retreat. His son, Aaron, has Duchenne MD and attended MDA camp growing up. He is a founding FUSE participant, and a fixture at FUSE events.

Contact Robert:

Teri Russell

Teri Russell


Teri was added as a board member soon after our formation in August of 2008. She is a longtime friend of Ronnie and Terri Reed and her children grew up and were very close to Blake. She brings a sincere heart for these young adults and a creative, detail-oriented, lets-get-it done attitude to our efforts. Teri also brings her marketing background to FUSE, creating our newsletter, mailings and so much more.

Contact Teri:

Abby Vogts

Abby Bauer

Board Member

Abby is new to the FUSE board as of 2011, but not new to the FUSE family, as she’s been an active volunteer with MDA and FUSE for many years. A McPherson native, Abby now works as a nurse in the Kansas City area. Abby has a heart for people and is committed to the FUSE mission and vision.

Contact Abby:


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